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We no longer are requiring everyone to telephone for an appointment. However, we do wish that our breast cancer survivors and other clients whose purchases will be billed to their medical insurance to continue to schedule appointments.

Ruth's Lingerie

For over 50 years women have sought the services of Ruth’s highly trained and certified bra fitters. The extensive selection of products reflects the needs of all women: from pre teens to centenarians, sizes 28 to 58, AA cups to L cups. Our inventory is extensive. Our selections range from the traditional to European fashion. We are proud to be selected by Rhode Island Monthly magazine as the Best Place in Rhode Island to Buy a Bra.

The philosophy of Ruth’s – the best bra for you is the bra that best meets your needs. Sensitive, skilled fitters take into consideration your comfort, size, lifestyle, and preferred style of dress. Whether you wish to make a fashion statement, compete in the sports arena, address a board meeting, chase a 3-year old across the front lawn, or curl up on the couch. Ruth’s has an undergarment for you.

Ruth's Lingerie

Why seek out a specialty store for your intimate apparel needs: There is much to consider when selecting proper undergarments. Comfort and fit are of paramount importance. That’s something not easily accomplished by looking at pictures on line. You need to try on a bra to know how it looks and feels. Stretch a little. Jump up and down. Take a moment to sit. At Ruth’s you benefit from the guidance of skilled fitters who select garments that will work for you.

Come in and enjoy the Ruth’s experience.