Our Story

While the story of the modern bra may date to the early 1900s, the story of Ruth’s began in 1954. World War II had ended, men returned home with renewed energy for family and stability. Women returned to the kitchen, men to the factories and the baby boomers arrived in great numbers. Ruth Lubinsky, a young mother herself, opened the doors of Ruth’s Shop of Corsetry, her mother Fannie to assist. Located in the heart of Cranston, Rolfe Street was a bustling business center with grocery stores, a bank, Woolworths and shops to meet growing family needs.

From its inception, Ruth’s, was a store committed to service. Customers were greeted with a warm smile, a knowledgeable eye, and an honest concern for a woman’s welfare. While the staff has grown from its early years of two employees, its dedication to customer service has never changed. Our employees are part of the Ruth’s extended family and their care for customers reflects that concern.